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Online Forum for Macro Social Work Students and Professionals
What is macro social work practice?

Macro social work focuses on changing larger systems, such as communities and organizations. It can also involve action at the national and international level. It prepares students for professional careers in multiple arenas such as community organization, public health, occupational/administration, research and education, consulting, nonprofits and philanthropy, local/state/federal government, and program evaluation.

Who can use this site?

ANYONE! This is an ACTIVE forum for macro social work students and professionals who want to share their knowledge and skills. This is a great networking site to meet other people who share your interests. As a current social work student, I will periodically moderate this site. I encourage discussion on any issues (school, workplace, policy, technology, etc.). In addition, we need to educate others about the work that we do and its impact on the greater society.